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About us

We are a cluster of Dutch horticultural companies that supports the sustainable development of the horticultural market in Latin America. How? By sharing our complementary Dutch horticultural knowledge, experience, technology, network and best practices in a close, long-term cooperation with you as a local grower and/or investor. Discover the value we have to offer. Discover NethWork!


NethWork wants to build long-term relationships in the region and to add value to existing as well as new projects and companies. This added value has been made visible at Journey2Sustainability, a joint project with Guatemalan pot plant producer Palki S.A. At the project/company premises you can see and hear more about NethWork’s knowledge, experience and integrated technologies which were used to improve the company’s operations in a sustainable way.



"During the training I focused on our own company HFT in the first place. Now I will be general manager of a new joint-venture
our company is forming with Ter Laak Orchids from the Netherlands. I can certainly use what I’ve learned during the training in this new job.”

Pedro Luna - Production Manager HFT (seed production) - Guatemala