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In the past 5 years, NethWork has developed various projects and activities in Latin America. On this page we are highlighting a few results. If you want to know more about these projects or our activities in the region, please contact us! 

NethWork presents: ProManager Mastercourse Floriculture 2017

In the past 4 years, the cluster NethWork organized three successful editions of the NethWork Executive Managers Training and some 35 talented horticultural managers from Latin America were trained in the Netherlands. NethWork is now taking this training to the global arena and is selecting 15 up and coming talents in floriculture for an inspiring ProManager Mastercourse in the Netherlands in November 2017.
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To apply for this course, please fill out the form before June 30 2017. Upon receiving the form, NethWork will inform you in more detail on the selection procedure. 

NethWork organizes successful Roadshow in Central America!

From 21-25 November the cluster NethWork organized a successful Roadshow in Central America with experts visiting Guatemala, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. Per country a number of urgent horticultural issues were discussed during seminars, workshops and field visits. In each country the cluster focused on a different 'main subject'. In Guatemala that was the role of horticultural education in bringing the country forward as a more promising and prominent horticultural producer. In Nicaragua attention was paid to the needs and demands of the (export)market in setting up a professional, horticultural production sector (production in greenhouses). In Costa Rica the main theme discussed was the urgency of adding value to quality products in order to maintain a position in the market. 

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Journey2Sustainability (J2S) is a joint pilot project of NethWork and its Guatemalan partner, pot plant producer Palki S.A.. NethWork’s complementary knowledge and technology was used to facilitate an upgrade of Palki’s current Beaucarnea guatemalensis farm as well as the construction of a new, innovative and sustainable greenhouse.

But ‘Journey2Sustainability‘ is much more than that. J2S started on the 25th of April 2014 as a project that will shine a new light on sustainability in horticulture. J2S aims to develop knowledge and technology for companies like Palki to become worldwide leaders in sustainable, ornamental production. 

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Holland Orchids

Various NethWork members have been involved in the construction of Holland Orchids S.A., a joint-venture between Dutch cymbidium producer Star Orchids and Flores Bohemia, a renowned strelitzia producer from Guatemala.

When it comes to the production of cymbidium in Guatemala (for the moment 1 ha), Star Ochids owners and directors Wim and Jan Valstar are responsible for setting up the production process and implementing the necessary technologies. They chose to work with NethWork members Van der Heide Foliekassen, Luiten Greenhouses and Priva for the construction of their actual greenhouse and installation of screening and climate installations. When asking Jan Valstar about his experiences so far, he mentioned he put a lot of time and effort into coordination of this new project, but it all paid off. 

Holland Orchids S.A. also chose to work with a different kind of greenhouse plastic; F-Clean. This film offers Teflon qualities, has a life span of up to 15 years, but is obviously a great deal more expensive to install. The joint-venture is already thinking ahead and once production and export of cymbidium to the United States will be actually successful, expansion to 4 ha will only be a matter of time.



NethWork Executive Managers Training and Roadshow
Training courses, whether theoretical, practical or a combination, are usually being implemented by educational institutes or consultants. However, NethWork members find that horticultural companies and professionals are actively looking for more knowledge from (technical) suppliers). It gives them also the opportunity to meet directly with potential clients and to hear what problems and issues these managers from Latin America are dealing with.

That is how the NethWork Executive Managers Training started in 2013. Two successful editions have been organized during which a total of 25 managers were trained in the Netherlands in 2013 and 2014. This year a third group of promising, young professionals was selected and they traveled to the Netherlands in June of this year. This group was also enthusiastic about the training and it currently working on follow up in Central America. In November NethWork organizes so-called Roadshows in Guatemala, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. 

These Roadshows are short and practical training sessions on site in the greenhouse in Latin America aimed at transferring knowledge and discussing problems directly with Dutch (technical) suppliers.

NethWork’s ambition is to continue offering these training course in the Netherlands and Roadshows in Latin America, but as a commercial activity. Now, participants are partly funded by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs in the Netherlands. 

“In Latin America we need more efficiency, because of rising production costs. During the managers training I learned how we could improve our own production methods and now we work with among others with NethWork members Priva and Van der Knaap Substrates.”

Juan Pablo Villalobos - Production Manager Costa Rica

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